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About Us
Toon Farm Animation

Toon Farm Animation offers the expertise that a modern day animation development company needs to create and develop new animated properties. Our services provided, incorporates the (7) seven assets that are a must and needed to compete in today’s animation business such as:

· Having That "Out Of The Box" Creative Vision
· Unique & Desirable Characters
· New & Competitive Stories
· Extensive Merchandising attachments as it pertains to each property
· Quality Cutting Edge Animation
· Understanding Of The Marketplace
· An Aggressive Sales Team well versed in each territory

TF as a service provider will not only provide these services to its clients and distributors, but it's "Quality over Quantity" practice insures that each & every single property that comes from TF will be installed with them. As the markets tends to change from year to year and technology continues to grow, TF in order to stay competitive will not only lead the industry by setting new standards, but it constantly create and set new trends. .

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Who are we?
Animation Magazine:

With the popularity of the animated band, Gorillaz , and the recent announcement of a Cartoon Network/Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000 of Outkast) series, it seems like pop music and animation double teams are just what the kids are craving. And now, Warner Strategic Marketing and Headstart Ent. have announced that they've got the beat, having entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for the launch of Da Jammies .

A new direct-to-DVD animated series, Da Jammies aims to teach young viewers life lessons with a blend of hip-hop beats, kicking dance moves, the latest in fashion and ethnically diverse characters tweens can relate to. The show centers on two groups of kids, the well-to-do BattleBrats from the ‘burbs and inner city denizens Da Jammies. Both crews attend a performing arts school where they struggle to balance real-life issues with their dreams of making it as rappers and singers.

What we do?

Toon Farm founders and music industry vets Aulsondro "Novelist" Hamilton and William "Dolla" Chapman II serve as co-exec producers, co-writers and co-stars on Da Jammies . "When William and I were growing up, there were television shows around us like Schoolhouse Rock and Fat Albert that taught strong values and positive lessons," Hamilton notes. "William and I both have young children now and we know how hard it is to find constructive parent-friendly entertainment for kids. We want Da Jammies to be the hip new version of Schoolhouse Rock ."