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1-2 March 2015
New York


12 Dec 2015
Soul Train
Los Angeles


12 July 2015
The Examiner
New York

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Welcome to Toon Farm Animation

Welcome to Toon Farm Animation!

Toon Farm Animation (TFA) is a privately held Nevada Limited Liability Corporation established in December of 2014 by Aulsondro “Novelist” Hamilton and William “Dolla” Chapman II two music industry veterans whom both wanted to re-install traditional as well as substance based animation back into the animation industry.

Though (TFA) was established in 2014, both the founders began their animation journey in 2003 and has been heavily entrenched in the animation industry on all levels, from the creative to the business leading to the delivery of the final product, (TFA) motto: “Developing Ideas and Giving Them Life!” With Toon Farm Animation, you definitely get a brand full of life.

In the past 10 years, our primary focus has been on developing new animated television show via 2D, 3D and in the future Animated Movies that would not only compete in the market place, but revolutionize the animation industry as we know it today.

Our latest project, Da Jammies started out as a, 2D animated property in 2003 that has now developed into a 3D Brand and Lifestyle currently airing and streaming on Netflix.

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